Woodland for sale in Romania

Our agency pronouncedly specializes in forest marketing and we attend parties interested in acquiring larger Woodlands for sale in Romania. Our offer incorporates several thousands of hectares of Forest for sale in Romania and - when desired – we may also offer compact forests of 3,000 – 7,000 ha. The average price per hectare revolves around EUR 2,000-4,000.

Our agency undertakes not only the mediation, but we also help coordinate duties related to registration. Thus, we organize the owners’ appearance in front of the notary public and we see the entire purchasing procedure through. Our offer presents several types of wood, be it the most various woods of maple, oak, acacia, beech, conifer, birch or other wood types, be it smaller or even larger acquirable forests.


Forests for Sale Throughout Romania

We undertake the mediation of successional forests throughout Romania starting with 10 hectares and growing up to 10,000 hectares. Our skilful and trained forester colleagues find themselves continuously looking for Transylvanian, Romanian woods for sale nationwide, thus our offer keeps constantly growing. Our agency serves not only the foreign-, but also the local interested layer, permitting owners to publish their agrarian and forestry properties set out for commercialization on our website.

Be them forests for tree felling or even for hunting, we search our database for offers corresponding to our clients’ expectations and hand them over together with their topographical and geographical layouts and photographs. After the successful selection of the corresponding forests, our colleagues escort our customers to the picked regions in order to undertake area-inspection. By our heavy-duty off-road vehicles and by our mini hill-climbing quadricycles (Quads) or by our helicopter, we undertake several hours long visitations to the picked areas, so that our customers can inspect the desired site before the final agreement and the nominal registration takes place in deed.

Naturally, in case of larger properties, it is more than likely that a several thousand hectares large forest will not be the property of a single owner, but the property of several proprietors. Self-evidently, in case of serious purchasing intentions, we arrange meetings among the sellers and the purchasers, so that our customers can have the possibility to negotiate with the owner or owners themselves. Should it come to a settlement, so intervenes our agency anew and prepares the purchasing procedure, which takes place in front of a notary public. Our colleagues verify and control the ownership rapport in each and every case, regardless of this, we still recommend our customers to mandate a local attorney to explore the ownership status and verify the documentation, so that our customer can entirely be certain that he becomes the owner of a truly ‘’clear’’ property and that in the future he will not have to make arrangements in favour of a possible ownership controversy. In Romania one witnesses various forest prices. Starting with EUR 2,000 per hectare, Romanian forest prices may extend even up to EUR 5,000 per hectare, depending on the region they are lying in, on the quality and type of wood that make up the forest and also on the wood quantity per hectare. In case of smaller property acquisitions, the payment may also take place in cash, whereas in case of larger property acquisitions, most commonly and expressly for this purpose there will be set up a temporary bank account, where the purchaser will transfer the settled amount. This amount is safely kept on the bank account, due to the fact that the proprietor(s) may only get the transferred amount, in case the notary public had already countersigned the purchasing agreement and the incorporating procedure had started. Thus, both parties can be certain that the purchasing proceeding is secure from the financial point of view.

We might ask our interested customers for an abstract of account, so that we can have the certainty that we find ourselves dealing with a seriously interested party and that we can be sure that our customers detain the amount necessary to fulfill the transaction. After reaching an agreement with the owners, we shall ask our customers for a letter of intent.

Most presumably is every foreign citizen aware of the fact according to which Romanian properties may only be acquired by either Romanian citizens or by Romanian companies. In this respect, our colleagues offer our interested customers the possibility to found their companies, so that they can smoothly acquire their dream-woods. Our team members are foresters, forest engineers, who will self-evidently provide our interested customers with their professional knowledge, knowing the Transylvanian landscape and its roundabouts and according to their desired demands they search for the most adequate forests.

Within the last years, foreign investors show higher interest in Romanian agrarian properties, such as forests, ploughlands, agricultural buildings, etc. whereas our office aims at satisfying this pretention.

According to our interested customers’ demands, we offer cohesive woodlands, whereas smaller forests are also available for acquisition. Our agency mediated several larger transactions, our company proves deep professional experience in the field of sylviculture and within the mediation and valorization of agrarian properties, thus, we are serious and reliable partners of foreign investors within the selection of the adequate agricultural properties and of woodlands.

The mediation tax our agency generally applies revolves around 2%-3%. Forest for sale in Romania, Transylvania.

Our colleagues are active within various parts of Transylvania: some of them in the area of Satu Mare, others in Bihor county and also others in Szeklerland, respectively the crags of the Carpathian Mountains and are able to offer such forests to interested parties.

We are looking forward to hearing from interested parties having the desire to acquire forests in Transylvania. Our experts stay wholeheartedly at your disposal! Woodlands for sale throughout Romania, Transylvania. As foresters, our specialists will also be helpful within the obtaining of tree felling permits.

Romania, forest for sale in Transylvania

What wood types do you favour? Beech, oak, acacia, poplar, conifer, etc.? Inform us about your desires and we shall make an offer to you correspondingly! Forest for sale in Transylvania.